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Neff C77V60N01 Too much water in the drip tray


June 15, 2024 02:14 pm


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We have a Neff C77V60N01 in our fitted kitchen, which unfortunately is very mimosas and keeps causing problems. The appliance was already in the kitchen when we moved in, so I don't have the original invoices etc.. I also only received a printed instruction manual from the previous owner.

My first question in this context: How can I find out the exact type? I tried the type plate search at Neff and according to this, the type plate should be found if you remove the drip tray or fold the front to the side. On my machine, I couldn't find a way to fold the front to the side and no type plate is visible if you remove the drip tray.

The machine currently has 2 problems:

1. A puck is no longer visible in the pomace. There is only sludge in the pulp container. A friend told me that replacing the brew group helped him. That's easy to do. Are there also "variants" of the brew groups that work better or worse or is there anything else to look out for when buying a brew group?

2. Far too much water runs into the drip tray. Some time ago, I measured approx. 60-70 ml per brew. This has become even worse in the meantime. Now I have measured approx. 100ml per extraction. However, the amount of coffee seems to be about right. What should be the cause of this error and how can it be rectified?