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Siemens Eq6 leaking?

A lot of water in the drip tray


July 27, 2022 09:57 am


QUOTE (KStone @ Monday, 14 December 2020, 12:43 PM)
We bought a refurbished machine (EQ.6 Extraklasse) from a dealer on Friday and are not sure to what extent it is normal that water drips from the brew group, although nothing is prepared.

When we pull out the drip tray, it drips mMn very strongly, for the fact that the device is not actually in operation. Therefore, I wanted to ask you as "professionals" if this is normal? This is actually our first unit.

Also, when we pull out the drip tray, we always have some water in the front of the unit that drips out. Is this the same for you guys? For an appliance in this price range, I find this quite unusual biggrin.gif

Attached you can see photos of the drip inside as well as the moisture coming out when pulling out the drip tray.

Thanks for your help! cool.gif
user posted image
user posted image

On the photos you can see that the machine seems to be quite dirty from the inside, for a refurbished machine that is not ok, even I as a hobby screwdriver would never put something like that in the hands of others again, I have replaced the O ring on the brewing unit in my machine, after that was much less water in the bowl.


January 23, 2023 10:33 am


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QUOTE (Mauriceeeee @ Sunday, February 13, 2022, 2:51 PM)
QUOTE (coffee_Feinschmecker @ Wednesday, April 14, 2021, 07:44 PM)
Sorry to get back to you first now. Didn't find time before and the spare parts also had to be ordered.
I replaced the ceramic valve. This did not bring any change. In another repair forum, I have read the advice that you should change the seals (search Amazon Siemens Eq6 repair / maintenance kit), the coupling for the brewing unit (item number: 00620989) and connection unit / brewing chamber inlet for brewing unit (item number: 00616637).

Photo brewing unit 1

Photo brewing unit 2

Yesterday I still changed the seal / O-ring to the ceramic valve (part number: 00633878)
. Please order and change this at the same time as replacing the ceramic valve.

Photo seal ceramic valve

Since then I have a better crema again and from the seal of the ceramic valve no more water runs on the wall into the drip tray. Unfortunately, I still have the problem that the drip tray is full very quickly. I noticed yesterday that there is a white opening at the bottom, where for minutes, the water drips into the bowl. Does anyone know what the opening is for or how I get this turned off ?

drip point

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since yesterday I have the same problem with this white thing where all the time the water drips out, it drips until the tank is empty, please help.

Change the ceramic valve 60-70€ then the problem should be solved.


March 31, 2023 07:28 am


This is the pulsation damper. It contains a rubber plug and a spring. This rubber plug is worn out or the spring is worn out. https://komtra. de/siemens-ersatzteile/siemens-ersatzteile/pulsationsdaempfer-pumpe-siemens-eq-bosch-vero.html


April 03, 2023 05:30 pm



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There is a possibility that one or more factors lead to too much water in the collection container or in the pulp container.
Brewing unit should run smoothly. O-rings regularly (lightly) lubricate with silicone grease. In addition, the brewing unit must be cleaned regularly. USW....

If the manual knowledge or skill it is not sufficient for the disassembly of the KVA's then please to the customer service. Almost every city has a KVA specialist.


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April 11, 2023 11:55 am


EQ 9 Plus s500 Siemens leaks a lot of water outside the drip tray.
What to do about this


June 04, 2023 09:34 pm


QUOTE (EQ6plus S700 Tropfschale voll @ September 14, 2020 12:22 pm)
Hello, everyone,

the same problem, drip tray full, water runs out during the brewing process, machine was repaired and even replaced, that should be so right! we have never had this with any other machine before!

Many things are strange about the appliance, additional components in the drip tray so that the hot water does not damage the plastic, various covers that have to be removed for cleaning, the brewing group...really no masterpiece of German engineering

Cleaning the brewing group under running water is not sufficient, mechanical cleaning is necessary, coffee residues everywhere in the corners

Coffee is good, not very good, I had expected more from the high pressure, Coffee purchase very slow

Overall: no recommendation, expensive mistaken purchase

mfg Juergen Reinert

Has anyone had any fixes to this issue? I’ve got same problem and Siemens don’t seem to understand it and keep telling me to empty the tray when the machine is on. I thought it was just me with this issue, but seems others have the same fun. I’m fed up trying to explain the problem to Siemens.

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