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EQ9 and the taste......

Taste rather unsatisfactory


February 11, 2021 01:47 pm


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Hello all

for about 1.5 years we own an EQ9 S700, which is really top from the operation. However, in the essential point, the taste, the machine can not fully convince.
Milk drinks are so lala but pure drinks, whether Americano or coffee, I find not really enjoyable. I have already tens of high-quality and praised coffee varieties through and of course also with grind and other settings in detail busy.......
What is striking is that with no setting a solid puck is produced, but always only loose coffee ends up in the drip tray.
Oh yes and the issue of milk foam is also rather unsatisfactory. Stirred 2x and the small heap of foam is almost gone (3.5% chilled whole milk, also tried 1.5%)

So, how does it look with you?
Do you have any tips, regarding settings or the ultimate coffee type?
Does the puck give any indication that something is going wrong here?

Thanks for the helpGreßDirk