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Melitta caffeo solo

a lot of water in the drip tray


June 18, 2020 06:58 pm


I have the same problem but I think that the pressure is reduced after the brewing process, but it is strange with the rinsing process. Why is the spout in the front not flushed better. Most of the water runs into the bowl. I still have an AEG with Jura brew group. When I clean it, everything comes out the front.wink.gif


April 24, 2021 11:36 am


И аз имах същия проблем. Регулирайте нивото на смилане на кафето. В момента е на най- ситно и се запушва. Оставете го в средно положение и всичко ще е о.кmellow.gif

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