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Siemens EQ.6 plus s700 or Siemens EQ700

I need help with my decision!


January 13, 2024 12:31 pm


Hello everyone,
I've been researching very intensively for two days now and have reached the point where someone with a clue simply has to say: go for it!

You can choose between the

Siemens EQ.6 plus s700 or Siemens EQ6 plus Extraklasse (which have only minimal equipment differences, if I've understood correctly)

or the
Siemens EQ700 integral TQ707DF5 in dark inox - with adapter for cardboard cover (which is important to me)

The EQ6 seems a bit outdated to me, even though it is still highly praised.
EQ700 simply looks fresher and newer. And it was still a top machine at around 1800 euros a short time ago.

Is the price difference worth it?

Many thanks for your help