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SPIDEM Trevi Chiara runs out

Water leaks from the Chiara


May 16, 2023 11:29 am


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my neighbor has left me his old SPIDEM Trevi Chiara from his shed with the statement is defective.

This I have disassembled and thoroughly cleaned.

At the first attempt to let out a coffee, the grinder did something difficult, it smelled like "heavily loaded engine" and from the crema nozzle came only a few drops. The rest ran into the drip tray.

I ordered a seal kit and replaced the seals so far.

Now coffee comes into the cup, but water still runs out.

What can this be?


Spidem Trevi Chiara


May 29, 2023 05:07 am



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Hello, the view in the glass ball.
No video available.
Your post again revised.
Greetings Chris

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