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Remove brewing unit Barista T


February 09, 2021 02:52 pm



on the subject of "remove brewing unit in a Melitta Caffeo Barista T"'s already some, but my problem should be new: After I had
completely disassembled the machine (thermoblock clogged) and reassembled, I managed to install the driver for the drainage valve wrong.

One spin later, it cracked and a few pieces of plastic fell into the drip tray.
Problem: now I can't get the brewing unit out because the driver just couldn't do what it was designed to do and the inside of the brewing unit has stopped in an undefined state.
Any idea how I can get this thing out after all?

Thanks for any useful suggestionsThomasP

.S.: Yes, I know: it's my own fault



Wiley CKoyote

February 21, 2021 02:40 pm


Already fixed?
What happens when you turn it on? "Error" or can you activate the maintenance "flushing" with water (dont know exact translation.)
This should make the machine try to move backwards I suppose...


February 22, 2021 07:19 pm


I have now unfortunately kaputtrepariert and destroyed the driver.
Had him obviously installed incorrectly, it has made a wild cracking sound and then the 3 small pins of the driver are broken off.
Replacement part is ordered (to be on the safe side 3 pieces ;-).

Otherwise, I have checked the barista and it works - except for the coffee preparation - everything.
I took out the spring of the drainage valve and tried to simulate the individual preparation steps (brewing unit is now outside, of course).
Hot water comes without problems, rinsing works and also Easy Cleaning.
Brewing group I can not test because of the defective driver.

There is still the question of how the driver belongs in.
And when it is correctly inserted: do I switch on the machine without the brewing unit so that the drive moves to the home position and then put the brewing unit in?

Many thanks for helpful answersThomas