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Bosch TES51551EN - VeroCafe LattePro - Brewing group

Brew group drive no longer runs.

Coffee Junkoe

October 13, 2021 06:56 pm


Hi all,

My VeroCafe LattePro has been sitting for a week. After switching on the brew group went up and then came in the display something like Services aufsuchen and in the LOG is an error (M01F07H02). Brew group I could fumble out, but could not be started via the component test. Grinder and ceramic valve can be controlled.

Completely disassembled the machine and removed the drive unit. The microswitches work (measured). The motor runs when I bestrome this.

There is no voltage coming from the board to control the motor and no relays click when starting up via the component test. When measuring on the board I could not measure any voltage on the coils of the relays (component test up and down started).

I have now ordered and installed a new motherboard. Unfortunately the problem persists. If you control the brew group via the service menu, should you hear a relay or something?
It is very unusual but not impossible that I got a defective circuit board. Can anyone help me with what else I could do?

Mechanical knowledge available: YES | Electrical knowledge available: YES | Meter available: YES