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Machine can no longer be operated


April 28, 2020 05:02 pm


Hello, I have an AEG Caffe Silenzio CS 5000
I recently had to replace the thermoblock
in this
one. Since then I have the following, strange problem
: If I connect the machine to electricity, turn it on immediately and make a cup of coffee
it seems to work without any problems.

But if I leave the machine connected to the power supply, after a few minutes it doesn't react to keystrokes anymore.

Also not on the on and off switch. So

I have to



machine from the power again.

If I connect the machine directly to the power supply again, I can usually turn it on, but I can't make coffee. This only works again when I

leave it without power for a while.
In another forum thread I read that you can measure the resistance of the thermoblock, and it
should be around 40 Ohm.

I did that, and with 42 Ohm

I think it


ok. Does
anyone have any idea where I
can go to

Or what kind of part

could be

responsible for this defect

? Greetings


June 01, 2020 08:50 pm


Hey, here's the O.R. again.
The problem has
been self-medicated.

For those of you who can find this mail because you


a similar


: I've


the coffee maker into an on-and-off outlet


I would turn it on for coffee and then

turn it off

again right away


After about a month I noticed that the machine was working correctly again, and in the meantime I have been using it

normally for

some time

. GreetingsMicha