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Making good coffee in my biscuit factory


October 18, 2021 09:18 am


Hello everyone
,I'm opening an artisanal biscuit factory in December, across the street from the oldest roaster in my town :-)
He doesn't offer coffee tasting, so I'll be the closest place to taste his coffee.
I'd like to get a machine that honors his work, and delights my customers.

But, as I will be alone in the shop, preparing my 15 varieties of cookies and selling, as I am not [strike]yet[/strike] barrista, I would like a machine that does not "take" me a lot of time with each coffee.

So far, I've been advised two very different machines:
The Sage Oracle Touch, semi-automatic, which grinds the right amount of coffee according to what you've selected in the menus, which taps the freshly ground coffee
You just have to move the filter holder and the coffee flows ;-) Anyway, I think you know it.
I was also told about the Jura X6, which is full auto.

I've been looking at the pros and cons of these two machines, in terms of functions, design (important for the decoration of my shop), and the Sage is far superior! But I haven't found any information on THE essential point: the quality of coffee produced by these two machines...

Do any of you have an opinion on this?
I'm not closed, if you have other suggestions to make.

Thank you very much for your help