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Delonghi milk frother defective? Dinamica Plus

Milk frother defective after 2 seconds


November 03, 2023 11:15 am


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Hello everyone,

our milk foamer no longer works, only 2 cm of milk foam comes out, then the machine peels off and requires the insertion of the water spout.

My better half has already repaired many machines with the most diverse errors, but here he grits his teeth - even on the Internet I can not find the same error.

The milk foam itself is great as always.

When I insert the water spout and press OK, then it flushes normally and that works well. If I want a cup of hot water, that also works normally.

We also replaced seals, especially the one on the milk frother itself, because it seemed worn to me - the milk frother always needed a little bit of force when putting it on, that last went all by itself. But that didn't solve the problem.

I really hope you can help me, the machine is only 2.5 years old.... I thought I was doing something good with a high quality part, my old machine after 15 years did not even have a worn gasket...

Here is a video of the problem

problem milk frother Delonghi

Thanks already!