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Neff C7660N0/03 "Empty bowls" remains

"Empty bowls" does not go away


February 12, 2024 01:27 pm


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I descaled and cleaned my C7660N0/03 machine today (grease dissolving tablet) and now the last "empty trays" won't go away. I have completely cleaned and dried the drawer. Nevertheless, the display always jumps from "Trays missing" to "Empty trays". I don't know what else I can do. The instructions don't give any help either. The machine is no longer usable and is "virtually" defective.

Thanks for your help.


Neff C7660N0/03


February 12, 2024 04:28 pm



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Could you shine a light from the front to see if the contacts are damp. I don't know the Neff, but the drip tray has two contacts, and if there is moisture inside the machine on the detection springs then the message will also appear.