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Philips Saeco HD8847/01 does not vent......

Repair tips wanted


April 25, 2021 02:01 pm


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Hello dear ones,

We have a Philips Saeco HD8847/01 (warranty long expired) and the following problem:

You turn it on, then it prompts to bleed. So water nozzle plugged in and process started. Apart from the short click from the electric solenoid valve, you don't hear any working noise, nor does the progress bar in the display fill up. After a few seconds, it prompts you to try starting again and again you only hear the solenoid valve opening briefly, otherwise no working sound from the pump. After the third request to start, the display turns red and you see a wrench with error code 5 (air in the water circuit).

Here's what we've already tried: Manually bled water circuit, checked flowmeter (no corroded contacts, not clogged/twisted) checked rubber hoses for clogs, replaced pump. Electronically checked old pump outside machine, works fine. Opened solenoid valve via service menu and ran water through with a syringe. It came back out of the water nozzle with no problems.
However, the problem described above still exists........ dry.gif

Who else has ideas and tips?

Any tips would be appreciated.