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Cimbali m53 convert to single phase

Conversion of 3phase machine


January 08, 2023 08:13 pm


I have a LaCimbali m53 bean to cup machine that is currently 3 phase electric supply. Is it possible to convert to single phase operation? Is there anyone in Scotland that could help with this

Thanks Kevan:)


January 09, 2023 07:18 pm



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Hello I think that the three-phase power supply was not installed there for nothing.
One phase for the boiler DLH or boiler and or steam generator.
Surely if you know exactly that there is exactly this device with a single-phase power supply, you can get the circuit diagram of this company yes.

This must all have hand and foot, I have here in Germany in my house 16Ampere fuse and my power cables are geeeignet for this amperage, at a voltage of 220-240 VGood


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