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Milk foam disappears (DeLonghi Eletta Explore)

Milk foam does not hold


February 13, 2024 10:31 am



I have bought a new fully automatic machine and have noticed that as soon as I reach my drinking temperature, the milk foam is already gone. The foam starts to slowly dissolve as soon as I fill the machine, so I assume it's not due to the coffee acid.
As it's a new machine, I'm going to rule out limescale. I switched from a cheap 1.5% low-fat milk (3.5g protein per 100ml) to a 1.5% low-fat pasture milk (3.5g protein per 100ml) and the same result:
After about 10 minutes, the entire milk foam has dissolved.

Are the fully automatic machines generally sensitive when it comes to milk selection or should I assume a defect here? Do you have any tips?