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Need new machine for office


February 08, 2021 12:13 pm


Hello everyone and thank you very much for the welcome here in the forum!

First the hard facts from the questionnaire:

Which drinks should it be:
[] Espresso / Cappuccino like at the good (!) Italian[]
Americano / Cafe Creme from the portafilter (increased water requirement)[x]
Schümli / Cafe Crème like from the KVA, in different strengths[ ]
TassKaff like at grandma's, good brew


[ ]
Moka like from the Bialetti[ ]
Other: _____________If
known: Roast preferences? (3rd Wave, rustic, ...) not yet known, but the KVA contains beans with high/highest intensity...(wholesale market).

Budget: 1500 EUR.

What is your average demand, what should the machine be designed for?
15 - 30 cups per day (sometimes parallel demand up to 10)
Office communityShare of

milk drinkswe
have an external milk frother to avoid blocking the coffee machine and because cleaning is easier than at the milk part in the machine. Therefore you don't need a milk unit in the new machine. Such a nozzle is of course almost always included - but only if it is not otherwise possible.

Character: Are you more of an experimental type (curious about different beans) or more conservative (once you have found a suitable bean you stick to it)? What else would be important to you?

Different coffee drinkers. You have to find a common taste that can only be changed by the length of the coffee.

Usage profile: Who or how many people use the machine? What are their preferences?
Office or private use / both?

Office - maximum 15 people - but different there. Maximum worst case is 15 cups at a time for meeting. Long coffee would therefore make sense. Even better a "Superlong" to possibly also run a pot through in one go smile.gifOther:

Is there
a service workshop on site? I do not know, in case of doubt something should be found.
Is that relevant for you?

Workshop on site - old machine serviced there regularly and will continue to be done there regularly due to coffee demand.

Can you reconcile heating times of up to 30 min with your spontaneity?
Is the use of a timer / WLAN socket conceivable to bridge preheating times of up to 30 min?

15 min would be acceptable, since the machine is switched on in the morning and off again in the evening.

What must not be in any case? (Exclusion criteria)

Nesspresso, powdered coffee, too much technology (touch field, 100 milk variants, etc.

mainly must be replaced our Jura, because after 85,000 cups the repairs lately strongly to take and always with 150-250 € but already go properly into the money for 6 months running time


It should be simple. In the best case fast to avoid congestion. Easy to clean (so the daily cleaning - lime etc. may be complicated - there is ehh always the same colleague responsible). Water tank should be sufficient for 10+ cups at a time. It does not have to be huge. Water is short to reach.

Currently we have ne X90. So now the Impressa XJ9 would be a good choice - but only available with milk system. As an alternative suggestion, the dealer had ne Saeco Aulika EVO - so office or non office model. Difference in the grinder and brew group but I have not found. Only the water tank and coffee grounds container seems to be smaller. Justifies in any case mMn no extra charge of 300€.

But I am looking forward to any help and suggestion and exchange here in general.

Best regards


February 08, 2021 12:38 pm


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If everyone is happy with Jura, then I will go with Jura again.


August 31, 2021 09:34 pm


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I've been using Nespresso Vertuo Plus by Breville and it is one of the best coffee machines I've used. It's best for its speed. One of my friends suggested me this website: best coffee machines. They have decent coffee machines and if you want to go with this I'm 100% sure you will not regret this.