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Rancid taste, Saeco Xelsis SM7683


November 07, 2023 08:48 am


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We've had a Xelsis SM7683 at home for 4 years and we've always enjoyed its coffees.
For some time now, the taste (and smell) of the coffee has become very unpleasant.
It's not that it's too acidic or too bitter, it's really a rancid taste, as if there was a deposit somewhere. It's been happening little by little over the last 6 months or so, at first it was the occasional bad coffee, now it's the good ones we can count on the fingers of one hand...

The percolator group is cleaned and greased regularly (once every 15 days or so).
HigieSteam for every latte, and we regularly run the degreasing cycles for the coffee group and powder for the milk circuit... but maybe not as regularly as we should? (roughly speaking, we do it once a quarter)

A few questions for the connoisseurs of these machines:

- could deposits in the grinder (the only thing we can't clean, obviously) cause bad taste?

- could damaged gaskets in the percolator group affect the taste of the coffee (I'm thinking of the big gasket on the piston)?

- I'd like to take it apart for cleaning but I'm not sure what to look for once the machine is open... where are the places where oil could settle? I've found a few videos on disassembly, but you never see the disassembly of the block where the nozzles through which the coffee flows are located (that's where I suspect they are).

Anyway, any suggestions are welcome smile.gif
Thank you.


November 07, 2023 10:43 am



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I would also disassemble and clean the coffee spout.
Search for "sma_xelsis_2017_en_rev_05.pdf"

The disassembly is explained there. It's in English, but I don't think it should be a problem. It is also illustrated. smile.gif