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Jura impresa brewing group ghost drive

Brew group motor jerks in retirement


November 11, 2023 07:13 am


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Dear fully automatic machine experts,
Thank you for joining the forum.
As already described in the title, it's about a Jura Impressa E810.
It has been given a new brew group with motor and grinder complete with new power electronics.
It worked well for six weeks.

Now, however, the brew group moves to the upper stop at the start and back to the position where it should be. Ready appears on the display. Without pressing or doing anything, the brew group motor starts to move the brew group downwards, sending it back about 2-3 cm.

Still ready on the display, you can even brew a coffee, but as the brew group is not in position, the ground coffee naturally goes into the chute. Could this be due to the power electronics?


November 11, 2023 12:35 pm



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Hello, I hope you still have a guarantee or warranty on the repair.

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